London’s Top Dance Schools

London is blessed with a generous number of dance schools, but clearly some are better than others, not only in the experience of their instructors but also in the lessons they provide and their past customer’s satisfaction. When choosing which of London’s dance schools to attend it can be quite daunting, given the number of choices available to you. The following list will help you to narrow down your list of possibilities and choose the one that is right for you based upon the type of dance you want to learn.

The Royal Ballet SchoolThe Royal Ballet School – As the name suggests the school teaches ballet and is considered one of the top schools not only in London but worldwide. Students who study ballet at the Royal Ballet School traditionally go on to have a career as professional dancers, with some being quite exceptional both in the UK and internationally. The classical ballet training is very rigorous but the school gets great results from their students.

Dancebuzz – The school offers a huge range of dance styles to learn including the following: ballroom, Latin, belly, ballet, Brazilian samba, wedding dance, salsa, samba, swing and more. The schools focus is on having fun while getting fit and learning some new dance moves. There are several locations around London to choose from, with lessons on weeknights and weekends. If you aren’t sure about which style of dance you want to learn you can take any one of their ‘taster’ classes to see if it is right for you. With so many dance styles available to students they have plenty of choices.

Basement Dance StudioBasement Dance Studio – The studio offers adult classes in the following: Afro Cuban Dance, ballet, belly dance, break dance, disco dance fever, Cuban salsa dance, hip hop dance, jazz dance, pole dancing and tap dancing, as well as body conditioning from dance, house dancing lessons, private dance lessons, stretch intensive classes and Yinyasa yoga lessons. This is truly a studio that has something for everyone no matter what your level of expertise. This is a great place to get fit and learn some fancy dance moves at the same time. The studio does have some drop-in classes for a small fee so you can check the lessons out before signing up for a series of lessons.

The Place – With a strong focus on contemporary dance, The Place also teaches ballet to dance enthusiasts 16 and over. Located right in the heart of London The Place has both evening and weekend classes, as well as a range of intensive holiday courses. Students can take advantage of drop-in classes to get a taste of what to expect upon sign up, and then enroll for a full term. The school caters to professional dancers as well as those who just love to dance for the sheer enjoyment of it. The Place receives funding from the UK’s National Lottery and the Arts Council, so classes and courses are very affordably priced.

Cecil Sharp HouseCecil Sharp House – For those looking for classes in more unusual styles of dance the English Folk Dance and Song Society offers lessons in England’s iconic Morris dancing, as well as Irish, clog and baroque dance. The school also teaches song and music classes so students can enjoy learning all three if they wish. The aim of the school is to preserve the tradition and history of folk music, songs and dance and so are eager to teach as many interested students as possible. The school offers classes, courses, workshops and talks on all aspects of folk arts.

Pineapple Dance StudiosPineapple Dance Studios – With 20 dance styles and over 250 classes run every week Pineapple Dance Studios earns its place among the top dance schools in London. Beginners are just as welcome to take a class there as professionals are. Class prices are extremely competitive and run for 90 minutes each. The school does not have courses but the huge number of classes available makes courses unnecessary. All classes are drop-in so you don’t need to book a place beforehand.

Regardless of the style of dance you want to learn, or if you just know you want to learn some form of dance, London is the place to find the best dance schools. For those unsure about what each style entails taster classes are the ticket!