Popular Wedding Dance Styles of 2017

With so many other important aspects of your wedding day preparations to consider you may not have given sufficient time to choosing your first dance song or worse still what wedding dance style you want. You might need to take lessons as a couple so choosing the song and dance style as soon as possible is advised. If you already have your song chosen your dance instructor will be able to tell you which dance styles will suit your chosen song. The following list of wedding dance styles will give you some ideas to work with.

The Classic Waltz – This is perhaps the simplest ballroom dance to learn and yet can be incredibly romantic and gracefully executed. There are two forms of the waltz that are popular with newly-wed couples; the contemporary, faster paced waltz and the traditional slow waltz. Depending upon the song you choose you can dance a mix of both waltz styles.

Slow Dance – The most forgiving of dance moves, the slow dance is as its name suggests – slow and romantic. Some music is just not suited to faster dance styles, even the waltz which can be danced slowly, but the slow dance works great for this type of song or music. The slow dance is also great for those who don’t feel confident enough to tackle anything more difficult, or just prefer to dance very close, as there is very little movement around the dance floor. Typically couples dance in one spot but can still throw in a turn or two to mix it up a bit.

Foxtrot – Fairly easy to learn, this is a great dance style to dance to for the first dance. It works really well with slow songs and ballads and is one that is enjoyed by many couples. It is a smooth dance style that takes the couple around the dance floor, making it easy for changing partners for the couple to dance with their parents. It does require a more generous dance floor so bear that in mind.

Swing Dance – Growing in popularity, swing dance is fun, energetic, entertaining and very upbeat. This style of wedding dance is just as much fun to watch as it is to participate in so guests will enjoy watching you swing dance your first dance together. The list of songs that suit swing dance is extensive too so choosing this style of dance will make choosing a song a little less challenging.

Rumba – This dance will take a little effort to learn but will be well worth the effort when the two of you glide over the dance floor. You can choose from the more sensual, upbeat, faster-paced Latin Rumba or not feeling confident enough for that opt for the slower American-style Rumba, which is just as romantic but easier to execute.

Salsa – As a first dance the salsa is exciting to execute on the dance floor and to observe from the sidelines. This Latin dance style is a mixture of mambo and cha cha so while it is fast-paced and thrilling to dance it is also very romantic. This style will require some serious effort to learn if you have no dance skills at all but is not beyond the average couple to learn given enough time.

Tango – For the more adventurous, skilled couple the tango is a beautiful, romantic expression of their love for one another, as they dance very close together, in a sensually choreographed series of steps. As with many other dances there are two common versions; the Latin which is more fluid and the American which is characterized by sharper moves and covers more of the dance floor. Both will impress anyone watching as the tango takes quite a few lessons to master, although the steps themselves are not difficult.

Your first wedding dance puts you both at the center of attention. Regardless of which style of dance you choose for your first dance as a married couple it is sure to be romantic and beautiful, as will be the song you choose to dance it to. Choose the style that best suits your personalities and have fun with it!