The Best Wedding Dance Lessons the UK has to Offer

wedding dance

With your wedding day fast approaching you are probably beginning to feel nervous about hitting the dance floor, particularly if you have no idea of how to dance. Fortunately there are a large number of dance studios across the UK that offer wedding dance lessons at a wide variety of prices to appeal to all budgets. Even if you already know how to dance a lesson or two will not go astray. The following list highlights some of the best wedding dance lessons available across the UK.

Wedding Day Dance UK – With over 300 qualified, professional wedding dance teachers across the UK, this company is able to provide lessons to couples in almost every location of the country. Founder Amy Nelson is an expert at wedding dances, having been in the industry for over 10 years, and is in touch with latest trends and styles of wedding dance, to insure that couples are provided with the right lessons for them. Her teachers are able to assist engaged couples with choreographing a dance that is tailored to their own personal style, so that when they hit the dance floor they will look amazing and have fun doing it. Even if you have never danced before, Wedding Day Dance UK have a lesson package that will have you feeling confident when you take the floor.

Start the Dance – Recently having expanded in order to cover the whole of the UK, Start the Dance provide wedding dance lessons and choreography so you can personalize your special day with your very own dance skills. Whether you want unique or traditional dance lessons so you can look great on the dance floor on your wedding day, even if you have ‘two left feet’, a few lessons with Start the Dance and you will be looking as graceful and confident as everyone else on the dance floor. Friendly instructors will put even the most nervous couples at ease. After all, dancing is supposed to be fun and so should your lessons be.

wedding danceFirst Dance UK – With a variety of packages, First Dance UK offers wedding dance lessons in most areas. Lessons are held in your own home so you don’t have to worry about privacy as you learn what it takes to step confidently out onto the dance floor on your special day. All instructors are experienced dance teachers, many with choreography skills so they can help you to develop a unique first dance if that is what you desire. The company promises you an enjoyable experience as you learn to dance, and have a wide range of styles to choose from, with songs and music to suit every taste. The company has literally taught thousands of couples to dance.

Wedding Dance UK – Lessons held in the comfort of your own home so nervous couples will feel relaxed and able to have fun. Whether couples want their first dance to be a spectacular tango, something from the disco era, a personally choreographed dance or the more traditional waltz, Wedding Dance UK have instructors able to help any couple make their dance debut one to be remembered. The company also caters to Hen Parties by offering a hen party dance class for a fun way to celebrate the event. All instructors are highly qualified and experienced.

WeddingFD – Instructors are all experience and qualified to teach even the most inexperienced couples how to look great when making their first dance appearance on their wedding day. Even if you haven’t picked out the song you want to dance to, the instructors can provide assistance with that too. You can choose to have private lessons in your own home or take lessons in a dance studio, whichever is preferable. Teachers are available to give lessons daytime, night time and during weekends, to suit your schedule. No dance experience whatsoever? WeddingFD instructors will have you dancing with confidence in just a few lessons.

Every aspect of your wedding day will ideally be perfect. Your first dance together as a married couple is no exception. The best way to insure that when you step out onto the dance floor you dance well together is to insure you take lessons from one of the best wedding dance instructors in the UK.