What You Need to Know about Wedding Dance Lessons

dance lessonsYou don’t know how to dance, you haven’t chosen your wedding first dance song yet and you have no idea what to expect when taking dance lessons. It can be scary stepping out onto the dance floor for the very first time as husband and wife, with all of your friends and family watching so naturally you want to take some dance lessons to make sure all goes smoothly on your big day. The following tips will help you get a better understanding of what taking dancing lessons entails.

Lessons – Many dance companies provide lessons for wedding dances but not all. Check with each one to ensure they are able to provide wedding dance lessons before giving them your money. Read reviews online, find out about prices and packages and talk to a staff member who can answer any questions you may have. If unsure about how many lessons you may need check with several dance teachers before committing to a package that may be more than you need.

In-home or Studio – If you have never danced before it is not uncommon to feel extremely nervous and unwilling to learn in front of others so private, in-home lessons may be preferred. If on the other hand you are comfortable learning with other couples taking lessons in a dance studio may be better. Not all dance instructors offer lessons in-home so be sure to do your homework before signing up. You can start with private lessons and then as your confidence grows join in group sessions so you can get used to dancing around other couples.

Timing – This depends largely upon the number of lessons you will require. Couples who have never danced before will likely require at least 5 lessons and may need as many as 10 before feeling confident. Discuss your level of experience with dance instructors. Don’t leave taking lessons until the last minute. The last weeks leading up to your wedding day are hectic at best so plan your dance lessons ahead of time, and consider taking a refresher lesson right before the wedding. Some suggest starting lessons as early as 6 months prior to the big day.

Footwear and Clothing – Both partners should wear the shoes that they intend to wear on their wedding day. For brides in particular this will greatly reduce the possibility of tripping on the dance floor because they are unfamiliar with how to dance in their wedding shoes. While the groom is likely to wear dress shoes if he is unfamiliar with dancing in this style of shoe lessons will give him the opportunity to get comfortable with how they feel on the dance floor. Alternatively both the bride and groom can choose to wear different shoes to dance in, but whichever ones they decide to wear they should wear them when taking lessons.

wedding couple

Style – It is important that you choose the song to be played for your first dance before taking lessons. If you can’t decide or need help many dance instructors will provide assistance with this. Once your song has been chosen you then need to choose a style of dance that matches the song. Most of the classic first dance songs are easy to waltz to and waltzing is an easy dance move to learn. Discuss style with your instructor and if necessary they can help you by choreographing your dance moves.

DIY Lessons – Yes, you can learn from video lessons but professional dance lessons are recommended. It is important that the first dance be as spectacular as every other aspect of your wedding and you don’t want to be disappointed by looking clumsy. Professional dance instructors are worth their weight in gold, but if budget constraints make DIY lessons a necessity then get the best available and practice, practice, practice.

Relax – Dancing is fun and your first dance as a married couple is one you will remember for the rest of your lives. While it is okay to be nervous at your first lesson, the sooner you can relax and enjoy yourself the quicker you will learn your dance moves. It is extremely difficult to learn to dance when you are tense and all your muscles are tight so try and take some deep breaths before each lesson and enjoy yourself.